I finished the left front of the vintage sweater and started the first sleeve.

There is a slight problem however. Somehow, even though I thought I was correctly matching the knitting and measurements from the right front, I found this problem after blocking the left front.

Oops! So I will be ripping back a bit and re-knitting the neck shaping. I brought it along with me yesterday to Wooster, OH where I am currently for the Great Lakes Fiber Show.

I am going over to the fairgrounds this morning to get the booth set-up and maybe I can get some knitting time in this evening. I didn’t get too much done last night. I got up pretty early and drive about 9 hours. I was pretty tired and was in bed by 10.

See you soon! 😊

8 thoughts on “Oops!

  1. Oh my…
    Have a great festival!

    1. Thank you!

  2. The thought of driving 9 hours makes me tired. I love this sweater, by the way

    1. 😄 I don’t mind the driving since I see it as time to listen to a good book. Time we’ll spent at least. Thanks for the compliment on the sweater. 😊

      1. Oh, are you aware of Chirp books? That’s my newest addiction!

      2. no, i haven’t used that. I have an Audible account/addiction. :-D

      3. Chirp is a site where you actually buy the books – some are as low as 99 cents!

      4. Cool. I may have to check that out. 🤔

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