Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival

I haven’t gotten much knitting done since my last post. I was pretty sure that would be the case. The festival was amazing and exhausting. I am definitely out of practice. 😀 It will get easier as I get back into the groove I’m sure.

The set up on Friday took longer than usual. That’s probably due somewhat to all the new products which I wasn’t sure beforehand how I was gonna display. Then there was the tent set up which was new to me as well. Oh, and there was restocking the yarn racks since I had been pulling website orders from them all year.

Here’s how I ended up doing all the new wood items. They sold very well, which was great!

The weather on Saturday could not have been better. Sunday was cooler and a bit wet but not too much to ruin the day. Sales were good on both days. It was so nice getting out there and visiting with the knitters again. 😊

My husband surprised me on Sunday by driving up to help me break down the booth since it was only a 200 mile drive for this one. I would have been fine but again, I’m so out of practice that my usual 2 hour break down, at most, was turning into twice that. It was nice to have the help. We stayed the extra night there and had a nice Mexican dinner out complete with a jumbo margarita.

I spent yesterday catching up on laundry, school work with my son, and after show bookkeeping. I did a few rows on my knitting last night but not enough to bother photographing. Hopefully more on that next post. Thanks for reading.

8 thoughts on “Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival

  1. Congratulations on what sounds like a very successful festival. Your booth looks fantastic!

    1. Thank you, yes it thankfully exceeded my hopes and expectations.

  2. So glad to hear it was a good adventure back into reality! Oh, I’m gonna have to look at your wood bowls!!

    1. Oh it was! I have really missed it. Thanks!

  3. you can never go wrong with a margarita! Your booth looks wonderful, wish I could have been there!

    1. Thanks and it was a pretty good margarita 🍹😋

  4. I just did a couple of very small (14 of us at a 4-day fiber retreat and a fundraiser at my sweetie’s hospital workplace) shows, and oh yeah, it required shaking off the dust of both mental and physical muscles. Glad the show was a success!

    1. Thanks 😊! Me too. Hope yours was good as well. 🥰

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