Vintage Knitting Project Start

Before I get to the new project I am working on, here’s a quick update on the Wonderful Wallaby. As you can tell I have the pocket done and it is taking a break.

I was too excited to get knitting on the vintage baby sweater so I picked a color and cast on for the back. I decided to go with a neutral color, Graphite, in Classic Merino Superwash Sock yarn. I think it may take some of a second skein since this is around a 12 month size. I thought that would be a good starting point and can work other sizes from there.

I know it’s not too exciting yet, because the back is plain, but it will go pretty fast even at such a small gauge. The fronts and sleeves will be a bit more decorative. 😊

One last thing to share. I made home made spaghetti sauce and rolls for dinner today. It was all yummy. I forget to get a picture of the meal but here’s the bread for you to drool over. 🤤

5 thoughts on “Vintage Knitting Project Start

  1. In my house, there is no other kind of sauce. My WW is resting now while I make baby hats, but soon I’ll get back to it. He doesn’t need 900 hats – or does he? I love the color you chose for the baby sweater!

  2. Here too, mostly. I a couple keep a couple jars of Classico sauce on hand for emergencies (like if I’m out of town for the family to do for themselves) but I much prefer my home made.

    Yes, the WW is great that way isn’t it? It’s prefect for picking up now and again for a change when you want something easy and relaxing to work on for a bit.

    I love neutrals for baby stuff. Thanks!

  3. Those dinner rolls look divine!! That Wallaby pattern is a classic.

    1. Thanks 😊

  4. Cute! And YUM! ;)

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