Easy winter knitting

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been 11 days since I wrote a post. Oops!

I planned to write a post while we were in Hot Springs this past weekend for the Arkansas Fiber Arts Extravaganza, but that just didn’t happen. I didn’t even take a single picture. We have never gone to this event before. It’s a relatively new event that grew from a retreat with only a dozen or so knitters 6 years ago to a full fledged event with classes, keynote speakers (the Mason-Dixon girls this year, Yay!) and a vendor market. The facilities are very nice and I am looking forward to seeing this show grow. I think they have a lot of potential. :-)

Anyway, I do have a bit of knitting to share with you. I don’t think I even blogged about this scarf I have had on the needles for almost a year, but I finally finished it this past week. It was easy hotel knitting during some down time we had. The stitch pattern is perfect for a scarf. It’s easy to work with very little concentration but I didn’t get bored by it. But then again I don’t mind stockinette so your mileage may vary. :-)

2012 12 11_2395.JPG

After I cast off the scarf I went looking for a project to do with this yarn that I showed you several months back.

2012 04 02_0821.JPG

It’s a DK weight superwash merino wool yarn that I am considering adding to my line at some point. I dyed it in the color that I came up with for Anne Hanson’s Fall in Full Color club this August. I may be adding the color to my line next year too, but it will be after August 2013. So anyway, I have been itching to knit something up with it since June, but since I only have 750 yards of it I was waiting for the right project to use all of it. Ya’ll know how that is, right?

So I was cruising the patterns on Ravelry with filters for dk and 750 yards when I came across this Stephen West design that looked fun and simple which was what I was in the mood for.

2012 12 11_2392.JPG

It’s just the right thing for a busy season. I can sit down and work a row or two, or if I am really lucky a couple inches worth. No need for looking at a pattern or anything. The best part is that I can just knit until the yarn runs out. Well more or less. I have to plan a bit to have enough for the border but I can handle that. :-)

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