Et Voila!

2012 11 30_2377.JPG

The long awaited Sprossling is done and I love it!

2012 11 30_2370.JPG

I have been wearing this non stop since yesterday when I sewed on the buttons.

2012 11 30_2369.JPG

It is so light and airy but at the same time warm. The shaping details are exquisite. Don’t you just love those tailored waist darts?

2012 11 30_2368_edited-1.JPG

I really think I need another one..or three..maybe one with short sleeves?

2012 11 30_2358_edited-1.JPG

In this color I can see this being perfect for Christmas dressing up, well if I was one to go to parties, which I am not, but you could. Yes?

2012 11 30_2362_edited-1.JPG

Also perfect for playing outside on a late autumn day.

2012 11 30_2361_edited-1.JPG

Wow, he looks HUGE when I am holding him doesn’t he? When did that happen?

2012 11 30_2378_edited-1.JPG

Go. Cast on for your own Sprossling. You know you wanna.

Oh, here’s a link to the yarn I used for mine, in case you were wondering. The size and amount I used are above in my Ravelry project link. :-)

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