Travel and Knitting Update

I am at the moment enjoying my last day of break time between shows. I have a bit of progress on my Sprossling but not as much as I had hoped. I can’t imagine what I was thinking when I thought I might be finished with it by the time I got home. Yeah, not really as much down time happened, which shouldn’t be a surprise really. It’s pretty much working or driving. This week has been the most free time and even then I had to deal with a truck tire repair. Yeah, leaving Pittsburgh on Monday I had a low tire. I figured the safest thing to do was put on my spare and drive to Portage where I could deal with a repair or get a new tire. I ended up plugging the one that had a nail near the inside rim and putting that on my spare rim and switching the good spare to my regular rim so it’s all good now. Theses things happen in three’s right,  so I should be good now. Right? Right. 

So I had a couple days here you visit with Luke, Meredith and Fiona. That has been fun. Baby is a sweetie and starting to roll over and play with toys some. I tried to get a couple good pictures to share. 

I am moving on to my hotel in Chicago tomorrow afternoon and will be setting up the booth on Friday at Yarn Con. Oh here’s a few from my booth in Pittsburgh. The new space there is actually really nice. The lighting is great!

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