This n’ That Thursday

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Clue 1 was sent out yesterday for the Mystic Midsummer Wreath shawl. So, yeah, it’s crescent shaped and cast on from the bottom edge using two strands and a cabled cast on. I am making the medium size which requires me to cast on 429 stitches. Yep. 429. Gah! I swore and griped, and hated every minute, but now that we are past that, it’s all good. Smile One good side to a bottom up shawl is that of course at some part you start decreasing and it goes faster at the end. Love that part.

Oh, I told you how I got the new Simple Touch Nook, right? I needed a sleeve for protecting it in my bag. I really wanted to get another Oberon for it like my other Nook, but the only sleeve that will fit is the large sleeve, which I thought was too big for such a petite little thing. The small sleeve is evidently just a smidge to narrow. Bummer. They are saying they won’t be making a sleeve custom sized for the new Nook. Sigh. So anyway, I did find one that is in no way as lovely, but it will do for the time being.

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I also needed a new light for my little beauty since my much loved Mighty Bright light didn’t fit well for the little fella. I did a lot of looking around and decided to give the Kandle II from Amazon a try. Two thumbs up for this light. It’s light weight and stays clipped well. It does the job pretty well. It’s not perfect, since the illumination fades some towards the bottom of the screen, but it’s not too bad. The Mighty Bright was more adjustable in this respect, but it worked much better on my original Nook 3G with the heavy Oberon cover, and not on the new one with no cover. I find that I prefer using it without a cover.

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As for the battery usage; I am still using the first charge on Day 12. I have used it several hours a day and have still had the Wi-Fi on 24/7. As you can see I am at 26%. I have used it for reading and browsing for at least 24 hours I bet, which is about right on for Barnes and Noble’s claims. The 2 months on a single charge assumes 1/2 hour a day usage with Wi-Fi off, so 30 hours. With the same usage and 3G always on with my Nook 3G, I charged it about every 4 days. I usually charged it when it reached 25-30% remaining, so really could have easily gotten 5-6 days out of a charge.  I didn’t really mind that even, since it rarely inconvenienced me. Heck, I have to charge my phone every day practically.

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Check out the clarity of that screen though. Sweet!

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Remember when I showed you the room changing chaos the other day? Well here are the results. These are the best shots I could get in the bad light in this house. Annoyed 

This one is the “neater” of the two.

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This is unfortunately about as good as it gets in here. Eye rolling smile

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