Babies in wool…

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Is there anything cuter than babies in wool? and most especially wool soakers?

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I have used cloth diapers for all my children. I found out about using wool diaper covers in 1999 when my 7th was a baby. I have tried many different styles and even designed quite a few of my own, but this one is hands-down my favorite.  I have made it many times. It’s the Butt Knits Traditional Wool Soaker (Ravelry link) by Amber Perry. What’s so great about it you ask?

I like the seamless construction which is very practical and fun to knit. Mostly though it’s that they fit so well and are easy to adjust if you need to. They are generous and roomy in the right places. I like the ribbing in the wet zone too.

My favorite wool for soakers is believe it or not Lion Brand Fishermen’s Wool. It’s really durable and softens up nicely. It’s not prone to pilling when knit at the slightly tighter gauge I like to use for soakers. Finally it’s a very practically priced minimally processed wool. I mean, we are talking diaper covers here. I don’t feel I need to use fancy expensive yarn for these, but maybe that’s just me Winking smile

What do I prefer for cloth diapers? Well I have tried many different types of fitted and flat diapers. I have even, as with covers designed and sewn more than I care to admit, but in the end I have come back around to my tried and true diaper service quality pre-folds. If it possible to love a cloth diaper, then these are it. Easy to use, inexpensive, easy to care for, quicker to dry. Perfect.  I have been using cloth remember, for over 25 years, so I think I speak with some experience on the subject. I use pins too. Always have. I don’t find them hard to use at all, but do get the good quality ones that you buy online where you can find the good pre-folds. Here’s my favorite place online. Good people and good stuff. Smile

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  1. Butt knits traditional wool soaker hahaha!!!

    1. haha very funny “Mr. Belly” (he’s my son btw)

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