Curio Progress

So, the Curio sweater is coming along quite nicely. I finished the section where I was working on the body stitches only. I now have the sleeves and body stitches all on the needles and it’s time to begin working the top part of the sweater, the yoke. It has raglan decreases but this one is different than most I have made. The decreases are made where the sleeves are joined, but they aren’t always made at the same time. Typically you make the 8 decreases every right side row. With Curio though, you are not only keeping up with which row to work from each of the two stitch patterns and working out how to do the decreases, when they are made, while maintaining the lace as much as possible; there is the additional FUN of different rates of decreases for the sleeve and body parts and different sizes. GAH! Not exactly easy for Netflix knitting at this point.

Sooooo, my thinking is that I may chip away at it a few rows here and there when I have some quiet time and go back to the afghan pieces for Netflix knitting in the evening. I’ll have to wrap my brain around how to set up my knitting progress app for the different stuff that needs to be kept track of for the sweater. Wish me luck! LOL

Does This Look Familiar?

Holbrook #3

I finished the Firenze sweater and blocked it in time for the Natural Fiber Extravaganza this past weekend. I will show you the pictures in a minute. If you recall I knit the above shawl earlier this year in the same color only to have the sample stolen from my booth about 6 weeks later. So, I have finally gotten around to making the replacement for it. This is actually the 3rd time I have knit Holbrook, but the first was in a different yarn and color. I sold that first one because the color I had used was discontinued and I wanted a new one in a current color. The one I made this winter that was stolen was that replacement. And above it’s replacement. Is that confusing? LOL

Firenze pullover

I really love this sweater. It’s so soft and comfy. It was a pretty quick knit too for a sport weight sweater on size #4 needles.

All the details and link for the pattern are in the Ravelry project page linked above. Here’s a direct link for the yarn if you are interested in that.

Is it crazy that I am hoping to have the Holbrook ready for Stitches Midwest which is next weekend? We’ll see!

Winding Down

Christmas is almost upon us once again and it’s time for slowing down and taking in the year that has passed. We normally take this month off from as much as we can get away with. We pause homeschool lessons and it’s a slower time for the business, in that I am not traveling and doing festivals. I like to work on new ideas and samples for the coming year. Of course there are family gatherings to prepare for and presents to buy and wrap. We have all the gifts done and the tree is up. We will probably start baking on Sunday afternoon.

As you may recall in my last post, I started a sweater for my youngest which I finished a couple days ago. He loves it and has worn it to the library yesterday, where we loaded up with Christmas story books.

Since my needles were empty, it was on to my next planned lace project. I wound the yarn and cast on for Usonian in my Classic Merino Bamboo yarn. It is gray and rainy today and I had to make due with indoor pictures but actually the colors aren’t too far off. Click through to the website for slightly more accurate ones; the names are Damson Plum and Sea Oat.

I started last night and have gotten half way through Chart 2. This one should be pretty fun and easy, possibly quick even. We’ll see.

Have a Merry Christmas from our home to yours!

New Sweater Post


I finished my sweater on Sunday. I blocked it on Monday and got the buttons on Tuesday.


This is not a great picture but I figured what the heck, at least you can see it fits. I do like the fit for a change. I often get frustrated in making a size that fits without clinging and yet doesn’t add bulkiness and make me look frumpy. This is about as good as it gets. :-)


I like the little added detail of the buttons at the bottom cuff on each size.


Sweaters are Done!


Just in time for the first really chilly weather of this season. Here are all three of them. The one on the left is the 3-6 month size for Sorrel, the middle one without the hood is the 3T-4T size for Willow, and the lightest color one on the far right is the 0-3 months size for my unborn grandson due in November.


I am pleased with how the hoodless one came out. I was concerned about the lack of neck shaping but went ahead with the pattern as written and I was happy to realize that the button band took care of bringing the front neck lower without the need for the short rows.

I recommend this pattern as being well written and as far as I can tell it is error free. It was fun to make and quick enough that it was not a chore to make three of the same thing in succession. :-) I think I am done now though. If Elijah needs a new sweater this year I may make him something different. Maybe one of these. 

I think I am ready to start one for myself this weekend if I get any time to knit while we are at SAFF. I dyed the yarn for it in February of this year. I think it is well marinated by now and since it is getting chilly around here I have the “new sweater” bug.

2013 02 27_3497.JPG

Yes, it is green. Not surprised are you? LOL!

2013 02 27_3491_edited-1.JPG