Does This Look Familiar?

Holbrook #3

I finished the Firenze sweater and blocked it in time for the Natural Fiber Extravaganza this past weekend. I will show you the pictures in a minute. If you recall I knit the above shawl earlier this year in the same color only to have the sample stolen from my booth about 6 weeks later. So, I have finally gotten around to making the replacement for it. This is actually the 3rd time I have knit Holbrook, but the first was in a different yarn and color. I sold that first one because the color I had used was discontinued and I wanted a new one in a current color. The one I made this winter that was stolen was that replacement. And above it’s replacement. Is that confusing? LOL

Firenze pullover

I really love this sweater. It’s so soft and comfy. It was a pretty quick knit too for a sport weight sweater on size #4 needles.

All the details and link for the pattern are in the Ravelry project page linked above. Here’s a direct link for the yarn if you are interested in that.

Is it crazy that I am hoping to have the Holbrook ready for Stitches Midwest which is next weekend? We’ll see!

Much needed break

Sorry for the hiatus. After getting in about 5:00pm on Monday evening from Virginia I have been catching up on the usual after show work. I have also been feeling worn down from all the social contact and needed a little recharge break. I am naturally introverted and while I do love meeting knitters at shows and online, I do get overloaded at times and need to step back briefly. If that isn’t enough to do me in, then the sheer physical exhaustion of doing 6 shows in 7 weeks definitely finished  the job. 

I am not totally caught up on paperwork from the last two shows yet. I have more pressing tasks to get done first because while we do have a couple weeks home before SAFF, that goes by pretty quick, and some of the paperwork can always be done later. I would rather get it done as I go so the job is smaller but sometimes that is just no possible. I have to remember to be flexible sometimes. I have some dyeing to get done for one thing. We are low on some stock and I hate to run out of popular colors. I also have to go and get my trailer break system serviced. We discovered Sunday night after hooking up the trailer to the truck that it wasn’t working. I don’t know for sure if the problem is in the controller that is installed in the truck, the wiring, or the actual brakes on the trailer. Maybe it’s a combination of things. So anyway that will take a day in itself, since we have to empty the trailer and take it in to be serviced.

A tiny amount of knitting did occur since my last report. I finished the first Hedgerow Mitt and started the second. I was worried that my yarn supply might run short so I weighed the mitt and the remaining ball. Both are 35g. Yep, exactly. It is going to be close, but there are some places where I can fudge it, so I am not TOO worried.

Hedgerow mitt

Okay, I really need to get some work done today so I need to cut this off but I will leave you with some pictures from the Fall Fiber Festival of Virginia 2011.

Fall Fiber Festival of Virginia 2011

Fall Fiber Festival of Virginia 2011

Fall Fiber Festival of Virginia 2011

Fall Fiber Festival of Virginia 2011

Fall Fiber Festival of Virginia 2011

fall fiber festival of VA 2011-09.JPG

fall fiber festival of VA 2011-10.JPG