Quiet Saturday afternoon

This is quite a rarity for me, but I have the house practically to myself for a few hours today. Well, the baby is here, but even he is napping beside me at the moment. Smile Wow, what to do? I mean the house is quiet. I should read or knit in peace right? I did do a little reading before I stopped to write this post, and I’ll probably go back to it after I am finished. I may have to get a bit of lunch too. Oh the luxury. I can just eat whatever I feel like grabbing out of the pantry. I am giddy. Laughing out loud 

Oh, I did do some knitting yesterday and this morning. I actually finished the first clue for the Mystic Midsummer Wreath shawl! Surprised smile  I know! I am shocked too. I was driven to get it done this week and somehow pulled it off. I guess that’s what happens when you actually have an afternoon that you can knit, which yesterday the stars were all in alignment or something, since I was able to get some knitting time in. Anyway here’s how it looks so far.

06 17 11_1370.JPG

Pretty cool, no?

Oh, so wait, I didn’t even explain WHY I have the afternoon with an empty house did I? Silly me. They all went to see The Green Lantern. I couldn’t care less about seeing it and besides who wants to take an 11 month old in a movie? Not me. I am not sure how we’ll work that out next month when Harry Potter comes out. We’ll probably just have to go in shifts so the baby has a sitter. He’s old enough to be left a couple hours I think as long as I feed him before I go.

Okay, I am gonna go read since I only have an hour or two left before they get back. TTYL!

4 thoughts on “Quiet Saturday afternoon

  1. You seem a little OVER excited about having had the house to yourself…. Just kidding! :D

    1. Hahaha yep. I’d be lying if I denied I was. ;-)

  2. A bit of peace, how nice! And the knitting is lovely–I can’t wait to see how the pattern progresses.

    1. Me too! Isn’t that the fun part about a mystery KAL? Seeing how it comes out.

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