Jumbo Yarn Ball Winder


Large yjumbo yarn ball winderarn ball winder which is used to make skeins of yarn into center pull balls.

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A plastic and metal hand operated yarn ball winder, which is sometimes called a wool winder. It is used for turning skeins of yarn into center pull balls before knitting or crocheting.

When using the jumbo yarn ball winder it must be clamped to a table or other flat surface with a Yarn Swift.  The yarn ball winder has a clamp with a maximum thickness of 1.5″ It is recommended that you measure the surfaces you may want to use to make sure the clamp will fit prior to ordering. We have used this yarn ball winder with our yarn swifts for many years and it works well with them. It is best to have them in close proximity and on the same level if possible. It is suitable for winding most yarns that are put up in 100g and/or 4 oz. skeins as well as larger skeins and especially for thicker yarns.


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Weight 812 g
Dimensions 9 × 6.5 × 6 in


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