Yarn Swift


Hand crafted wood yarn swift made from hard wood. Yarn swift used to wind skein into a ball. Made by hand in America by Knitting Notions in Nashville, TN.


A Yarn Swift is a tool that is used with a yarn ball winder or a nostepinne to wind a skein of yarn into a ball. The yarn swift holds the yarn in tension and spins by the action of the yarn ball winder. The yarn transfers from the yarn swift to the yarn ball winder or nostepinne as you wind.

Our table top yarn swift is made by hand in our own workshop. They are individually cut, sanded, and finished. Several coats of linseed oil are applied to seal and protect the wood. We don’t use any stains on our wood products. The colors that you see are the natural colors of the woods which the finish brings out.

Our wood yarn swift can be completely taken apart into 4 working parts and the 6 moveable pegs. This allows for easy storage and makes them very portable for travel. We also make and include a muslin bag to use for storing and transporting your swift.

The pegs are adjustable to 5 positions along the arms to adapt to various sizes of skeins of yarn. The dimensions it will accommodate range from about 29 inches to 72 inches. Changing the peg positions for different sizes of skeins could not be easier either; simply move the pegs to different holes and you’re ready to go. There are 5 long pegs and 1 short one. The short one is for the center hole and the long ones for holding the yarn. You need 4 pegs to hold the yarn. The extra peg is a spare or to be used optionally in one of the center holes when using the yarn swift as a skein winder. We also enclose a nylon washer to use on the center peg for a smoother operation.

As stated above, this style yarn swift can also easily be used to wind a skein from your yarn as when recycling a knit garment or unraveling your knitting. Spinners, and dyers will find this a useful application as well. I am not a spinner myself, but as a knitter and dyer, I can vouch for its use as a handy tool for skein-winding or re-skeining hand dyed yarn. It’s adjust-ability is invaluable for these uses since the yarn will shrink after washing or dyeing and when you need to put the skein back on to wind a ball, you can adjust for the new size of the skein.



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Weight 1360 g
Dimensions 28 × 3 × 5 in

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