Mayuri Progress

Mayuri-wip (5)

My Mayuri Shawl has been getting all my possible attention so I am making good progress on it. I just joined on the second skein of yarn last night and at the last row of chart 4. There are 7 charts in all.

Mayuri-wip (1)

At the end of chart 4 I will have 363 stitches on the needle and at the end of chart 7 there will be 451 stitches to bind off. The rows are getting much slower as I go of course but to keep it in perspective, Sonnenblume had 713 stitches, so it could be worse. Smile I love my Sonnenblume though, so it was totally worth those rows in the end.

Sonnenblume-complete (2)

I love how it perfectly matches the grass in this picture!

2 thoughts on “Mayuri Progress

  1. Sonneblume is going to be my next project–it is beautiful.. I guess I’m a glutton for ‘punishment’ also. I love a challenge–looks like one I SHOULD definately use life lines on!!

    1. Yep worth it but tedious at times. You know I have never been one to use life lines but if you are then this would be one to do it for sure. ;-)

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