Mayuri-finnished (13)

I completed Mayuri on Friday in Wisconsin. I took the picture below right off the needles to demonstrate the difference blocking makes. The color is very difficult to get right too. The one down at the bottom is the closest to what it really looks like.

Mayuri-finnished (3)

I got the blocking done last night, so sorry for such terrible lighting on this picture. It was almost 8:00 last night so I had to turn on the light. I wanted you to see the weird way I had to block it though. It’s a very long crescent so the ends want to curl up. Looks kind of like a manta ray or something. Smile

Mayuri-finnished (5)

Kyla was good enough to model it for you. I was outside dyeing up an order for the mill and was not fit to be seen. Open-mouthed smile

Mayuri-finnished (7)

We tried to show the curls here. I may wear this one at the Woolgathering this coming weekend if it’s not too warm out. I will be leaving on Friday for that festival. If you will be there come on in and say “Hi” and see Mayuri in person. I will have the pattern and yarn in the booth. 

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