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Okay it’s not much but I did finish the cowl last week.

I have been wearing quite a lot. I took this picture (sorry for the off color. Bad lighting) in the truck on one of the coldest days we have had in years. We were in need of groceries during the worst cold following the Polar Vortex last week. It was 2 degrees F that morning. Glad that is over.


It is a much warmer 50 this morning which is an immense improvement despite the gray drizzle. I once again have to make the trek out for victuals. Sigh. I really wish I didn’t dislike that chore so much since I have to do it so often it seems. I guess I can look on the bright side. It is a fine opportunity for listening to my current audio book. :-) I am towards the beginning of Little Dorrit by Charles Dickens which is quite good.

I have been on an extensive Stephen King binge lately which has been fun but it is good to get back to some classics for a change. What are you reading lately?

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  1. I’m on a Stephen King binge, too! When Amazon had Doctor Sleep for $1.99 on the Kindle, I grabbed it and The Shining. I’m about halfway through The Shining now. It goes without saying that the book is better than the movie, but I’m surprised by how much I like the book. It’s easier to have sympathy for ‘book’ Jack Torrence than ‘movie’ Jack Torrence.

    I also got The Game of Thrones set on a Kindle deal, so I guess I’ll be reading that soon. As far as classics go, I still have The Lord of the Rings trilogy on the to-read list.

    But what I’ll be reading the most of? College essays. :P ;)

    1. Oh! The Shining is one of my favs! I read it first when, I was about 14 I guess. Scared the crap out of me. Don’t even get me going on that travesty of a movie. Blech! LOL! I also re-read The Shining before reading Dr. Sleep. I thought the new book was decent but doesn’t compare in character to The Shining. The Shining is a SK classic IMO.

      I started off back in August with a re-read of another favorite, The Talisman, you may remember, then went on to re-read all 8 Dark Tower books. After that I had an itch to read all the closely related tie-in books; It, Hearts in Atlantis, Insomnia, and Black House. I still have Salem’s Lot, and a few short stories to go; Everything’s Eventual and The Little Sister’s of Eluria. It’s been very fun. :-)

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