Time for a new start

I know it’s been awhile since my last post and we have a lot of catching up to do. Hmm should I do it all in one post or a series?

Well let’s start with what’s new, shall we? First of all my grandson Gabriel was born at the beginning of November. He and his mother are temporarily living with us so we are watching him grow by leaps and bounds. He is now 2 months old. This one was taken when he was first born


and this one a week or so ago.


Elijah is also getting to be quite a big boy now. He turned 3 in July and I finally gave him his first haircut. Before…IMG_5201_0176

and after.

Elijah haircut

My second daughter came to Nashville and brought my granddaughters to see Gabriel and then again between Christmas and New Years Day. This is my fourth daughter Cassie holding Gabriel when he was a couple weeks old.


This is my mother-in-law holding my youngest granddaughter Sorrel.


This is Heather, the mother of the granddaughters, holding Gabriel.


This is my eldest granddaughter Willow playing with Elijah. They het on pretty well about half the time, LOL!


Sorrel again, just because this one was so cute.


More Willow and Elijah (before his haircut) :-)



Now on to Christmas and knitting? Here’s our tree..


And what I got from the children..

See the earrings? Those are my awesome Sassafras Creations from Heather. Love these!


A new coffee mug from Cassie and Joanie. I have been using it everyday. :-)


And how amazing is my new leather bowl with my most favorite band logo (Rush 2112) that Meredith made for me?!!!


Which brings me nicely around to new knitting. I have a few things going and one new thing finished to share. I got an idea to make myself a cowl yesterday and that is what you see here.


I grabbed a skein of Cascade 220 from my stash, picked out a stitch pattern that was cushy and fun and cast on about 24” worth of stitches. That is my progress from last night.


Remember that wrap I started designing last year? 2013 03 08_3523_edited-1.JPG

Well I had finished the first half and has begun the other. I had stored the completed half in my ottoman and a mouse got in the house and chewed up a few places on it. I was too discouraged for awhile to even continue with the knitting but around Christmas I took up my courage and took it out to see if I could salvage it. I neglected to get before and after pictures but suffice it to say I was able to make it work and decided to press on with the second half.

You may have noticed in my picture above of the earrings that I am wearing a green sweater. That is my completed Antler Cardigan. This has become my new go-to sweater. I really love it!



This was taken before I wet blocked it. The color is a bit off but notice the frumpy cables here…


compared to after blocking here? Ladies and gentlemen, always block your knitting. It makes all the difference. :-)

Antler sweater

Okay that is all the catching up I have time for this morning since I have to take Alicia to the bus stop for work. I will be back soon with more news!

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