Fiber in the ‘Boro

I finally found a piece of time to write up a blog post and show you all the fun we had in Murfreesboro this past weekend. I have been working on a complete overhaul of the website as well as other tasks since my last entry, on top of spending some of Friday and all of Saturday at the booth. Since I already showed you some pictures of the booth on Friday night, I will show you what the children took while they were hanging out for the day with me.

2011 10 29_2649.JPG

I guess this is how I look when I am doing my thing. LOL!

2011 10 29_2650.JPG

Someone’s view of yarn from the bleachers behind the booth.

2011 10 29_2657.JPG

This one was just too sweet. Awwww

2011 10 29_2694.JPG

This needs no explanation, it’s just quintessential Elijah at his cutest.

2011 10 29_2693.JPG

Classic Emma behavior here. She is quite a ham for the camera.

2011 10 29_2620.JPG

Despite the strange look captured in this picture, she was over the moon to be in such close proximity with all the animals.

2011 10 29_2625.JPG

She is an animal fanatic of the highest order.

2011 10 29_2683.JPG

I thing this was the highlight of the day when the animal owners allowed her to go inside the pen with the llama. If it had been a horse I am fairly certain we would have had one less daughter after that. She probably would have stowed away in their horse trailer, LOL!

2011 10 29_2596.JPG

There was a pond out in the front of the venue where the apparently spent a lot of time.

2011 10 29_2639.JPG

It was sunny but cool on Saturday, which is pretty nice for pond exploring. Less bugs at least.

2011 10 29_2645.JPG

This is my oldest son, Josiah, who must have been especially photogenic that day because there are sure a lot of pictures with him in them. Smile

2011 10 29_2697.JPG

Kyla, Joanie, and Josiah poised on hay bales..for…some…reason..?

2011 10 29_2709.JPG

Reminds me of an album cover picture or something, LOL!

2011 10 29_2719.JPG

Pretty shot of the pond

2011 10 29_2726.JPG

Okay it’s late and I need to close for now. Oh, I did finish the sweater sleeve and started the body last night so maybe more knitting to report soon.

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  1. These are great pics of your kids! They are so lucky to get to travel with you…

    1. Thanks Debbi. I do enjoy having them along. They are much help and most of the time decent company too. ;-)

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