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Fiber in the ‘Boro

I finally found a piece of time to write up a blog post and show you all the fun we had in Murfreesboro this past weekend. I have been working on a complete overhaul of the website as well as other tasks since my last entry, on top of spending some of Friday and all of Saturday at the booth. Since I already showed you some pictures of the booth on Friday night, I will show you what the children took while they were hanging out for the day with me.

I guess this is how I look when I am doing my thing. LOL!

Someone’s view of yarn from the bleachers behind the booth.

This one was just too sweet. Awwww

This needs no explanation, it’s just quintessential Elijah at his cutest.

Classic Emma behavior here. She is quite a ham for the camera.

Despite the strange look captured in this picture, she was over the moon to be in such close proximity with all the animals.

She is an animal fanatic of the highest order.

I thing this was the highlight of the day when the animal owners allowed her to go inside the pen with the llama. If it had been a horse I am fairly certain we would have had one less daughter after that. She probably would have stowed away in their horse trailer, LOL!

There was a pond out in the front of the venue where the apparently spent a lot of time.

It was sunny but cool on Saturday, which is pretty nice for pond exploring. Less bugs at least.

This is my oldest son, Josiah, who must have been especially photogenic that day because there are sure a lot of pictures with him in them.

Kyla, Joanie, and Josiah poised on hay bales..for…some…reason..?

Reminds me of an album cover picture or something, LOL!

Pretty shot of the pond

Okay it’s late and I need to close for now. Oh, I did finish the sweater sleeve and started the body last night so maybe more knitting to report soon.

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