World Upside Down

It’s been quite a crazy couple of weeks since my last post. Where to begin?

On March 3 in the middle of the night, Nashville was hit by tornadoes, as most of you may already know. Our home and family are fine. The biggest effect on our family was that my husband’s workplace, Sysco Food Distribution warehouse was basically ground zero for the touchdown of the tornado that took out John C. Tune Airport and then proceeded to hit Germantown and East Nashville and beyond. Jerry’s truck was hit pretty bad. It’s in the shop and insurance is paying for the repairs fortunately. He is unable to work at his normal job though because the warehouse needs extensive repairs to be back online. We are receiving some lay off pay at the moment but the future is uncertain.

So, in the wake of this I left home on March 11 for Raleigh, NC for the Carolina Fiber Festival, and from there I had two more festivals. By the time I was setting up the booth the following day, both Stitches United and Pittsburgh Creative Arts Festival had regrettably announced their cancellations. I was 95% done setting up the booth, when the organizers of CFF had to deliver the devastating news to us all that the show was cancelled. We had to break back down and leave. Since returning home on the 13th I have been notified that Greencastle is also gone. I know this is all old news to a certain extent, but I am still reeling from it all.

I am trying very hard to be optimistic, because it’s my nature. I know we are all in this thing together and it is tough. It may get tougher before it gets better. I am thankful that I know my hope, security, and peace don’t lie in the circumstances of this world although they are admittedly important and impossible to ignore. My peace must remain in my God. No matter how bad it looks and even when we can’t see the purpose in our sufferings, He sees all the ends which we cannot and in the end His will is good. I am not being an escapist here. I am preaching this to myself most of all. Hopefully it will help someone else to be reminded as well. I am praying for my family, my country and the world. Oh, and taking all prudence to keep ourselves and others as safe from illness as possible.

So, we are unexpectedly, along with all of you, finding some time for doing stuff around the house. We have been spending this past week overhauling my “dye studio/work area” . Here are a few progress pictures:

Tearing out the old concrete pad where I set up my propane tanks and dye pots
Tamping down the paver base
Building the retaining walls.
Laying the pavers
Digging the holes for the concrete and roof posts
Posts in and leveled!
Roofing platform built
Roof on and landscaping done
Ready for work!

I am picking up some fiber from the mill today, so I will be testing this out soon. It’s at least something to be excited about. We can all use those little boosts now a days more than ever. Stay safe everyone!

2 thoughts on “World Upside Down

  1. Catherine. It’s beautiful. There will be another side to all this. We just don’t know what. A customer just sent in 171 pounds to be dyed for her next clothing line. We have a future. We just got to hang in and get there. God bless you my friend. Take care.

    1. Thank you. God bless you too! We will get through this mess and be stronger.

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