Wedding Day

This Saturday was Meredith ad Luke’s wedding day. An outdoor service and reception was planned at The Bagley’s (Luke’s parents) lovely country home in Burns, TN which is about a half an hour from our home in Nashville. We were all grateful the weather turned out so great after such an unusually wet fall thus far. They did a tremendous job putting it all together and I am personally thankful for all their hard work and planning. :-D I was so busy with festivals (9 shows in 10 weeks) and home remodeling that I was basically useless for anything else.

The pictures are what you really came for I bet so let’s get right to them shall we? I took none of these by the way. A family friend of the Bagley’s was on the job taking these great shots. :-)

lifting the veil

This was the only wedding I have been too that was open carry friendly, LOL! I thought it was a cool idea and all groom’s men plus Jerry had fun doing it.

Oofay and Luke aisle walk

I must admit that I was surprised to hear them queue up the Cantina Song from Star Wars for the closing march down the aisle. I really shouldn’t have been though. I did fit the playful and casual tone of the whole affair perfectly. :-D

oofay alone

The dress was my high school graduation dress for something old, the necklace was my wedding pearls for something borrowed, and the veil was something new. I forgot to check whether she had something blue though. Hope the bridesmaids covered that.

bride and maids

On the far left in blue is Cassie (Meredith’s next younger sister) who was maid of honor. In front is Emma (our youngest daughter) as flower girl. On the right in yellow is Luke’s sister, Becky as bridesmaid.

couple by treecouple

This picture is one of my favorites of all. Love those smiles. May you both have more of these than you can number. You will need them to get through the bumpy parts.  Oh if only we could keep in the front of our hearts the joy we feel on our wedding day, right?

wedding party

Here’s the whole wedding party. From left to right: Luke’s brother Josh, Luke’s friend and the best man (I am afraid I have forgotten his name) Luke and Meredith and I already introduced the bride’s attendants above. Oh and I almost forgot the little ring-bearer in his daddy’s arms.

with luke's family

Luke’s family: sister Becky, father Jeff, mother Janelle, and brother Josh

jerry, me, oofay, luke

Here’s me and Jerry with the newlyweds and yes I am wearing the Teresa Rose shawl. :-D

with our family

Now here’s a rare shot with almost the whole family. The only ones sadly missing are my two oldest daughters Heather and Alicia, my other son-in-law Garrod and my four grandchildren. Left to right: Ian (middle son), me and Jerry, Meredith (third daughter) and Luke, Cassie (daughter #4), Josiah (oldest son), Joanie (daughter #5), Kyla (daughter #6) and in front of the newlyweds my two youngest; Emma (daughter #7) and Elijah (third son and baby of the family :-D)

It was a fun day complete with a delicious catered barbeque and fireworks. I wish I had thought to take some candid shots of all the extended family who I thoroughly enjoyed seeing for the first time in several years. Thanks to you all for coming and making the day even more special! Mwah!

Oh, and next post will be long overdue remodeling and knitting updates. I promise it won’t be weeks either. :-)

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  1. Beautiful family! But how is Elijah not a baby anymore?! ;)

  2. Thanks Kristi. And I know!

  3. What fun! Thank you for sharing, reminds me of the joy of my own wedding. May they have long happy lives together.

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