Thursday updates

Titles are hard! Some days it’s just difficult to come up with a relevant one and this is what you get. 😊

I am getting extremely close to finishing up the Wonderful Wallaby . I am 1″ away from the last bit of top shaping on the hood and that’s it.

I have added to the hood length since I took these photos.

In other news, I am nearly finished with the pattern for the Vintage Diamonds Cardigan. It’s been slow going to include the 4 other sizes in the directions. Lots of math. I have only two more sleeve cap sizes, the collar and the embroidery details to add and it’s ready for some other sizes to be test knit. I mostly need the smallest one done so I can have the range of yardage required. I made the size in the middle and have a volunteer for the largest. Anyone game?

I am really enjoying the sunflowers we planted this year. I can see them out the kitchen window and they are so cheerful!

The show this past weekend was great. Much better than I had hoped actually, since it was pretty slow the previous time we were there in 2019. It is nice to be able to go home every night too. πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Thursday updates

  1. your WW is wonderful! I found some eyelash yarn on clearance at Hobby Lobby the other day, picked up a couple skeins and started a mindless scarf. I’m thinking my mojo may be waking up. I’m up to connecting the pouch on the Wallaby so maybe I’ll feel like doing it when I finish this class!

    1. Thank you! Once I get past knitting the body it gets more interesting and for me that means faster progress. πŸ₯°

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