Quick update…more to come

Good morning!

This will be a brief post since we are heading out to the Brookfield Zoo this morning. I should have more interesting things to write about later.

Yesterday was pretty quiet and uneventful. We had a fine time at the show this past weekend. We got the booth all packed up Sunday after the market closed and took a well earned day off on Monday. We needed to do a little grocery shopping in the morning, but spent the rest of the day hanging out at the hotel. After lunch Elijah took a nap and we enjoyed the quiet. :-)

I even got some knitting done on the vest.

2012 08 14_1512.JPG

The color is a little washed out in this since the hotel room lighting is not great, but you have seen it before. :-)

Okay I am out of here! Stay tuned for zoo pictures later. :-)