Quick updates

Good Morning Blog!

I don’t have much time for the long catch up post I owe you since I am right now in my booth at the Kentucky Sheep & Fiber Festival getting ready to start the day of business. I had a few spare moments and wanted to say hello.

It has been a crazy spring and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. We have had shows nearly every weekend with three more to go before we get any break. It’s fine though. I truly love what I do but it does make one’s head spin sometimes. :-)

I do have a bit of news to share about my little dress pattern Sorrel. I received my first test knit back for the largest size between travels. I am very glad that it only took one skein of the Classic Merino Bamboo to make! So that means that for any of the three sizes you will only need one skein. Yay!

Here’s a picture I took quickly in my booth this morning with my phone. I’ll get better ones later when I am ready to publish it. I am just waiting on the test knit of the small size first. The green one is the one I made (the middle size) and the orange is the large made by the talented Kristi Renshaw. :-) Thanks again Kristi!