From Virginia


Well here I am once again in the lovely and historic Shenandoah Valley. The SVFF is such a fabulous festival; just the right size IMO, without the stress and bustle of some other festivals and full of fabulous knitters. Smile

Knitters love to show off their creations and many of my customers bring in things they have made with my yarn. Rarely do I think to take pictures of them, except for yesterday. I present you with Sarah Paukstis’s (pinkbunny on Ravelry) Tempest Cardigan in my Classic Merino Superwash Sock Yarn in Azure and Green Apple. I just adore those buttons too and before you ask, she said she found them at Joann’s. That is where I get mine too. Amazingly I can usually find the perfect buttons there.

SVFF-2015 (4)

So anyway, here’s your obligatory booth shot from Friday. I finished setting up by about 2:00 pm and headed over to the Apple Blossom Mall to hang out and look for some cd’s and dvd’s.  I wanted to get the new Chris Cornell solo project  Higher Truth and I found that at F.Y.E.It is very good if you like vocals and acoustic music. He could be singing the phonebook and it would sound heavenly.

The internet at the hotel is horrid. I have been using my AT&T bandwidth from my phone for surfing but video streaming eats up too much of it. I am at the last episode in season 6 of the X-Files. I may buy 7 on dvd if the internet doesn’t improve on Monday. I have a feeling it’s so slow because the hotel is full but most will probably clear out today and it may speed up. In the mean time I did buy Les Miserables (2012) because I finished the book on the drive down and want to re-watch it. I also picked up The Imitation Game which I watched last night. It was interesting and I love anything with Benedict Cumberpatch. Smile


Before I sign off, here’s my new glasses. I like them and was so happy they came in Wednesday morning so that I could pick them up before I left in the afternoon. I took this with my new laptop webcam. Not too shabby. Winking smile