Busy time of the year

Not much knitting going on I am disappointed to report, but that is because we are super busy around these parts on many other things.

It’s not unusual for the start of the new year to be hectic. Even if we weren’t adding new products and re-doing the website, there is inventory counting, taxes, end-of-the-year record keeping, and the list goes on. I don’t know why I think every year as we close out the show season that I will have months of time to knit. Sheesh! You would think I would have more sense than that by now, but a knitter can hope right?

Anyway, I am very excited about how the new website is coming along and can’t wait to unveil it. It’s not quite ready for prime time yet but believe me you all will be the first to hear about it when it is live. :-)2013 01 11_2561.JPG

2013 01 11_2563_edited-1.JPG

Here’s some of the other stuff we are doing in the product creation line of the business. This is the time of year that we dye up the yarn for the spring show season so that has been happen as the weather allows. We have a few days of chilly but dry weather so we got all the solids dyed. The rain returned before we could get it all dry so we have been praying for a window of dry weather. Today is that day, since we are expecting partly cloudy skies and a high of 73 degrees, so out went the last two-thirds of it on the lines today. We are hoping that will do it since the cold and rain are returning tomorrow or the next day. 2013 01 11_2578_edited-1.JPG

Meredith has been working full tilt on the new leather shawl pin rings and I believe ya’ll are going to flip for these. They are so cool!

2013 01 11_2568_edited-1.JPG

2013 01 11_2569_edited-1.JPG

2013 01 11_2572_edited-1.JPG

Just before Thanksgiving we gave the workshop a MUCH needed facelift

2013 01 11_2580.JPG

and Jerry has been back at work in the newly perked up space making some new yarn bowls.

2013 01 11_2581_edited-1.JPG

2013 01 11_2582.JPG

We have been out of stock on these for awhile but never fear, he has plenty planned. We are also learning some new embellishing techniques to add to many of them. I think they are going to be well received too. :-)

2013 01 11_2565_edited-1.JPG

2013 01 11_2566_edited-1.JPG

Okay I have GOT to get to work so here’s a few more parting shots of yarn and the little ones. :-)

2013 01 11_2574_edited-1.JPG

2013 01 11_2575_edited-1.JPG