Sennheiser in the Mail


Okay here’s a glimpse at the lace border on the Chance of Showers Cardigan. I am on the last repeat here and after that all that remains to knit is the front and neck edge which is all in one IIRC.


Just for fun, I lately acquired some new headphones which I have been eyeing for awhile. They are the Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 in Ivory.  They recently went on sale so I pulled the trigger on them and they arrived today. I will mainly use these with my phone and tablet. They need some burn in time to open up the soundstage, but so far I am pleased with them.


I got this upgrade cable for when I use them with my laptop. It came with a thinner cable that has a Android controls on it which is great when you are using it with a phone but not so great with a computer.


Which brings me to the other reason I wanted them which is for watchinhg Blurays on my laptop. I needed some good headphones that will work straight from my laptop headphone jack because my amplifier that I use with my favorite headphones has a USB interface which for some reason will not allow me to play Bluray discs when it is plugged in. The Momentums sound great amped but sound fine without as well.


These are my most treasured set of cans, Sennheiser HD650, and they sound like butter when properly amped but are not for use straight off of the laptop sound card. I use them for most of my music and movie watching. Worth every penny I spent on them. Smile

I hope I didn’t bore you with my audiophile geek fest. Smile