On to the Next One

str van dyke socks 2nd-2.JPG

This is all I’ve got for knitting content folks. Better than nothing, but it’s not too exciting for you. I am enjoying knitting with this yarn though and the finished sock feels good. My only slight annoyance is that I went ahead and knit them with the short row heel rather than converting to a heel flap and I wish I hadn’t. I know the short row heels don’t fit my foot as comfortably, but for some reason ignored that and thought that maybe this time would be different. Why do we do things like that? Anyway, it’s an okay fit, but a heel flap would have been better.

I should be knitting my Sprossling, but for some reason I am just not in the mood right now. Socks are about all I can manage right now. We are trying to get so much done right now since we will be on the road soon for the late summer and fall shows and won’t be home very much for that whole season. I am also trying to focus on the children’s lessons while I can too, so that just really doesn’t leave much time left for knitting, and certainly nothing which requires much concentration. I want mindless wind down time stuff, so socks fit that bill.

Speaking of wind down time, after finishing The Help last week, I wanted another very easy to read book, so I shopped my stash on my Nook and decided on a Free Friday download from awhile back. 7th Victim is not my usual genre, but I do like crime dramas and currently am watching my way through Criminal Minds, and this book is very similar to that. It is, in fact, about a serial killer and the main character is a lone woman who is a FBI profiler. It’s good, and even bought the second book with this character,Crush, for when I finish this one. So far there are two more after that if I want to read more.

I have noticed that since I got my Nook I have read many books I might not otherwise have tried. I used to stick mainly to Classics, and still do read them a lot, but it’s fun to have choices from modern authors too for a change. I am currently listening to The Moonstone on my iPod for my Classics fix. I can do that while doing monotonous chores and while driving. I just hate to waste that driving time, don’t you? I have 3 credits at Audible.com that I haven’t used yet. I think I’ll wait for the 3 books for 2 credits sale later this month. I don’t know when that starts though, just that it will be this month. Anyone have a membership and know?