Thoughts on The Hunger Games

I finished this series on Tuesday but since I had to pack for our trip to the Chicago area for Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Fair, I didn’t get a chance to post my thoughts until tonight.

First of all, as I pointed out previously, I had mixed feelings about the books and more particularly about the characters, all along. It was a fun series and very quick to read, so I do recommend knew there was a but coming right?…I was not as wowed as I expected to be. There was so much hype and raves about them that I really expected to like them more than I did.

So what was my problems? Well for starters Katniss’s continual clueless behavior and her fickleness drove me nuts. Okay she is 17 and maybe the author was purposely trying to make her be like many 17 year old girls would be. Makes sense and it’s not really a bad thing in that respect. However, I guess that I may have related to some aspects of her character in a way that reminded me of things about myself at that age that I would rather leave behind and say good riddance to?

Second thing that bugged me was that the whole ending seemed too blah. Okay so they lived happily ever after. Yay.  Really? That’s it? Meh. Do I have a better suggestion? Well no I don’t, but for some reason it just left me flat. Sorry.

Okay, so what did I LIKE about the books? I did want to keep reading them to see what would happen. I liked that they touched on issues of freedom and tyranny. I guess it was meant to be for young people, so I should except it for what it is. I am glad I read them and wouldn’t discourage anyone from reading them.

I’ll leave you with a sweet picture from our travels today and will post more show pictures later.  I have no idea why he is wearing headphones. Laughing out loud

06 21 11_1374.JPG