New Pattern Coming Soon

The new baby sweater is finished. It needs a few tweaks to the pattern when I write it up. I basically have a bunch of rough notes that I need to adjust a few things as I re-knit the sweater again in some of my sport weight yarn. I will eventually knit it in both Classic Merino Superwash Sport wool and in the Organic Cotton Sport. I haven’t decided for sure how many sizes it will be written for until I get in there and start crunching the numbers, but probably at least three, the smallest being the size I have now, which is a newborn to 3 months. It measures about 19” at the chest.

Dora-sweater (2)

I had the idea to write blanket pattern in sport and DK weights to include. It would have seed stitch on the two sides and the lace pattern for the main body. After swatching the plan I found that a bind of of the lace pattern doesn’t have a nice scalloped edge like the cast on edge does. So, I cast on and knit a few repeats again and tried grafting together the two halves for a symmetrical edge. I am not really sure if I like that either though. I don’t like the interruption in the flow of the lace design. So, that idea may be scrapped.

Dora-sweater (3)

I do like the sweater and after a few adjustments it will be just fine as a stand alone pattern. I am considering names for it at the moment. What do you think about Dora?

Dora-sweater (4)