Exciting developments


I am pleased to announce that my newest granddaughter arrived this week. She and her mama are doing well. She was born at home with the assistance of a fabulous midwife and Heather was happy to have managed to have the water birth she always wanted. :-)


Her big sisters are quite captivated by her as you can see. I wish I could go to Florida again and see them but my schedule for now won’t allow a trip. My hope is that they will decide to make the trip to Nashville for Meredith’s wedding in mid October. (hint hint)

the girls

No knitting pictures today but I do have a different work in progress to show you. If you recall in my last post I told you that we are doing some remodeling. I took a few pictures of the horrendous state of my (original circa 1958) kitchen. I am so excited to see to transformation. Okay, are you ready? Be warned these are not for the feint of heart.

kitchen before 2014 (1)

Yes I have really been living with this for 15 years. The lighting is atrocious too and we are looking into some options right now. We are trying to avoid hiring an electrician to run new wires if we can but we will see when we get further along.

kitchen before 2014 (4)

We are not sure whether we are keeping this cabinet and making new doors like with the others of starting from scratch with a new unit. For sure though we will be making new upper cabinets to install above this area.

kitchen before 2014 (3)

Jerry has begun making the new doors for the cabinets and you can see where we are going with that below. The walls will be a muted pale yellow and all the cabinets will be antique white.

kitchen before 2014 (2)

We picked out new cabinet hardware which I forgot to get a picture of but will show you next time. It is an antique brass finish. I looked them up on Lowe’s website and found their image. :-)

cabinet hardware

Before I close I will show you our booth at the Georgia Alpaca Fiberfest this weekend in Columbus, GA.

GA-Alpaca-Fiberfest 2014 (3)

Oh and I can’t resist sharing this picture Joanie took of Elijah being Superman in the shirt she gave him. He ALWAYS does this when he is being Superman. LOL!

Super Scooter