Mostly Knitting

All the work we did earlier this month in preparation for hitting the road again on Tuesday is paying off now with a bit of time for other things. I have gotten some knitting done this week. I finished the first sock as you can see.


Rather than casting on for the second right away, I started a little wool diaper cover for the new grand baby coming. Meredith plans to use cloth diapers and requested some of these to use. We seem to have lost the ones I may for Elijah six years ago. I loaned them to a couple of my other daughters and now they are missing in action. They are pretty quick to make though so it’s easily remedied.


My favorite yarn for these is Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool. Here’s a couple of Elijah wearing one.


06 16 11_Elijah in woolie_1350

Hard to believe he is six now.


While we are sort of on the subject of grand babies, I got to see my littlest one the other day and can’t resist showing her off. Pandora is three months old already. Sigh. Smile

Pandora-7-27-16 (1)

In other news, we have a better late than never arrival for the booth next week. This Mayapple Shawl in Classic Merino Bamboo yarn was begun about two years ago I think. Three of my daughters have labored on it and it is finally complete! It turned out magnificent and I am predicting it will be a hit in the booth.

MayappleShawl (1)

The pictures don’t quite capture it as well as it looks in person, so hopefully you can see it in our booth at one of the many festivals where I will be vending this summer and fall.

MayappleShawl (5)

MayappleShawl (3)