Lights in the darkness

I know I have been a lazy blogger. I swear this has been the grayest, wettest December EVER and maybe that is what is making me want to do nothing but read and knit. I have done a fair bit of both, well maybe more reading than knitting. The only knitting progress I have to show is the finished first sock and a good 40% on the second sock.

2011 12 22_3021.JPG

I have finished several books in the last month. At the moment I have picked back up where I left off on Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series. I just finished book #3 Voyager and started #4 Drums of Autumn. I have never been into this type of book before. I guess you would call it a cross between and adventure story and a romance? They are pretty good, if you don’t mind a series that has so far 7 books of 900-1000 pages each.

There has been some Christmas baking going on here too. We have a few traditional ones we love to do every year and the children have taken it on the last few years. They seem to enjoy making them almost as much as eating them.

2011 12 16_2921.JPG

2011 12 16_2932.JPG

2011 12 16_2942.JPG

We also relented and put the presents out early this year. We usually wait until Christmas Eve so that they don’t get pawed over but space is limited and for want of anywhere else to stash them, we put them under the tree.

2011 12 22_3023.JPG

2011 12 16_2985.JPG

More decking of the halls went on, literally. LOL!

2011 12 16_3008.JPG