Cowl’s done and so is the website…well almost

Since my last post there have been a few exciting things going on.

2013 02 05_3441.JPG

First I finished my as yet un-named cowl/infinity scarf. Yay! I haven’t got any thing done towards writing up the pattern other than my notes I took on my phone. It is on my to-do list though.

2013 02 05_3443.JPG

I took a couple of hurried shots of it today and I apologize that they aren’t too great but I will get better one for the pattern release. I didn’t think you would want to wait that long for a look so this is what you get for now. ;-)

2013 02 05_3440

I think it is a nice uni-sex design too. Even my husband approved of it and would wear it which is saying a lot. He never wears scarves. The color possibilities are limitless and I bet it would even look good in a single color. I may have to knit one or better yet get a few test knitters going on some different color ideas. Well as soon as I have a working pattern that is. Heh.

2013 02 05_3444.JPG

I also got an idea for a textured stitch large scarf/stole that I started swatching for. It’s still in the early planning stages and I can already see where I am going to have to make a few changes but I am happy with where it’s going. Here’s what I have so far.

2013 02 05_3446.JPG

This is also in my Classic Merino Sport. I just love this yarn so much and I am hoping to encourage more knitters that sport weight wool is the new DK, LOL! That’s a bit of an inside joke. Sorry. I have just noticed a trend in DK designs and requests for that weight yarn but haven’t taken the plunge to add one to my line yet. I just know that as soon as I finally do it the trend will be over, LOL! So I am holding out and waiting for that to happen. I am attempting to start my own trend. So there, LOL!

Oh here’s something else fun and exciting! Meredith finally decided it was time to start driving. She has been saving her earnings and here’s what she bought last week. It’s a 2006 Toyota Corolla. It took her weeks and weeks to find the perfect car and I think she made the right choice.

2013 02 05_3447.JPG

Another bit of news is that we are nearing the launch of our fabulous new website! I can not tell you how happy I am with it and I can’t wait for you all to see it. This change was long overdue and I am kind of proud of it. My son-in-law is hosting both my old and this new website and he has worked as hard as I have on all the background server type stuff while I did most of the content, layout and design stuff. Anyway our hope is that if all goes well the changeover of the domain will happen at midnight on February the 9th. I added a little countdown near the top under my Ravelry profile link.

2013 02 05_3448.JPG

We had a warm up in the weather this week which made for good conditions to get outside and haul all the inventory out of the trailer and count it. It really needs to be done at least once a year. It’s big job but we managed to get it done just in the nick of time before the sun started going down. Meredith and Cassie did most of the work but Joanie and I jumped in this afternoon after the school, lunch and grocery shopping was done. You will be glad to know that most of the yarn was present and accounted for. :-) I even found some I didn’t know I had. LOL!

2013 02 05_3449.JPG

Okay that’s all I have time for now. Take care!

2013 02 05_3450.JPG