Late Fall Musings and Goals

My Sticks and Stones vest is off the needles! It seems like it is so close to being finished at this point until you remember that the seaming and edging take a fair bit of time to accomplish.

sticks and stonesvest

We made it out of Asheville on Monday morning in chilly and windy weather, but ahead of the storms. It was blustery on Sunday too, which made booth load up a bit unpleasant but we made it out in a surprisingly short time considering the circumstances. The wind was the worst factor. It kept knocking stuff over and blowing the tent flaps we were parked next to against the truck and trailer. At one point we just stopped loading, moved the cargo and pulled to a different spot. That helped a lot.

Anyway, from what I saw on the weather the area we were in got some snow which I am so glad we missed. Long time readers on here will already know who much I dislike cold and snow in particular. Yuck.

Here is a shot I took of how the mountain pass traveling in from east Tennessee into North Carolina on I-40 looked on Thursday before all the “weather” blew in.

Asheville falll 2012

It was mid to upper 70’s for the first part of the weekend but turned chilly on Saturday and Sunday. The show was pretty busy and we did very well in sales. Thanks to everyone who came out to support the show and the vendors. You have no idea how much we who make a living from the work of our hands appreciate that.

The show season is winding down for the winter for us. We have one more event this year in early December in Hot Springs, Arkansas. It is the Arkansas Fiber Arts Extravaganza which I just came across earlier this year. This will be our first year there.

While my knitting progress has been slow I have been getting some reading done. I am still reading War and Peace and listening/reading to Winter of the World. I am past the halfway point in both of these books. I am enjoying them both but I have to tell you that it is a challenge at times keeping my brain engaged in two different time periods of wars involving many of the same nations. LOL!

I have a schedule of things I want to read before the end of the year in preparation for a re-read of The Lord of the Rings beginning January 1. As soon as I finish the two current books I plan to re-read The Passage prior to reading the second installment The Twelve. I am really looking forward to these. I liked The Passage a lot and am excited to get to the next book. After these I have several short books I want to read before a re-read of The Hobbit. There are a couple Stephen King/Joe Hill novellas namely, In the Tall Grass and Thumbprint, and after them I have been itching to read Clockwork Angels which is an expansion on the concepts and lyrics from the new Rush album from this year of the same name. I know. Sounds totally geeky and weird right? It has gotten some pretty good reviews though. I think you have to be a Rush fan to care though, LOL!

Well I will leave you with a last glimpse of the fall colors outside my window. They will most likely be gone within a week.

maple tree fall