Knitting, Traveling, and Home repairs

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You have no idea how many times I added “write blog post” to my task list over the last 10 days. Ugh. I have been having so much to get done that I would get to the end of the day before I would get to the end of my list so then anything left would get bumped to the next day, you know how that goes I am sure.

So since my last post I decided I didn’t like how the Sweet Tea mitt was coming out. I knew the fabric felt too flimsy for my taste but I was in denial. I got to the lace on the top and realized I couldn’t stand it. I ripped it out and plan to re knit them on 0’s. For now I decided to cast on for the Sticks and Stones front. I was in the mood to work with wool after that skinny cotton. I think I would like that particular yarn better in a little scarf or something. I may just try the Sweet tea mitts in some Merino Lace.

2012 08 05_1481.JPG

Anyway, so what else has kept me busy you ask? Well for one thing we are working on some house maintenance projects. We have let quite a lot of things go for awhile and it’s time to do at least some of them. We are planning to paint the inside and maybe some of the trim outside. We have some windows that need repairs. We looked into getting vinyl replacements, but after researching into it I prefer to maintain our original wood windows. They are made of much more durable materials and when properly maintained and weatherproofed they are at least as efficient if not slightly better than vinyl. When I went and looked at them at Lowe’s I just felt like they didn’t look like they would hold up to the abuse our family puts a home through. Did you know that they have a life expectancy of 20 years? My windows will last for 100 years or more if taken care of. I just feel like they look better and are worth preserving. Here’s a good source I ran across in my search if anyone is interested in seeing why it’s worthwhile to repair rather than replace.

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We are planning to rent a pressure washer too and wash the exterior since we have never done that and I bet it will look so much better. I took a couple before pictures so that if Jerry does this while I am gone over the next two weeks we can compare.

2012 08 05_1484.JPG

So in preparation for the painting later this year we have also been cleaning and de-junking. There are some repairs to a few walls and interior doors we haven’t gotten to yet which are on my list when I get back home. I also need to fix some cabinet latches in the kitchen and main bathroom as well as look into getting some decent lighting. The kitchen lighting is abysmal. I don’t even have any direct lighting over my stove at all. There is only a single light fixture in the ceiling and one over the sink. Can you believe I have put up with for almost 13 years?!?!

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So as I said we are leaving on Tuesday and will be gone two weeks. We have Stitches Midwest first and then the Michigan Fiber Festival. It makes more sense since they are so close to just stay over between, which means I need knitting for two weeks. I noticed when I was stocking my knitting bag that it was filthy so I dumped it out and popped the bag in the washer. The above is what was left after I removed the junk and added what I am taking with me. It’s hard to see everything so lets examine it more closely shall we?

2012 08 05_1487.JPG

These are the only two projects currently on the needles that are coming. The vest and a sock in progress which I haven’t touched in an embarrassing length of time but it serves as a demo of the Sock Keeper in my booth.

2012 08 05_1488.JPG

This is all my tools and gadgets. An extra Sock Keeper, a Darning Egg, a measuring tape and gauge/needle checkers, stitch markers and my little zipper bags with yarn darners, scissors, crochet hooks, etc..

2012 08 05_1489.JPG

These are needles I may need for the extra yarn I brought if I finish the vest. Plus the needles I am using for the vest are there too.

2012 08 05_1490.JPG

This is yarn that I have a few ideas for projects for that I might want to start. You know with all the knitting time I will have while on the road doing two fiber festivals with a 2 year old in tow. ~eye roll~

I’ll probably be posting next from Chicago, so see ya later!