Some actual knitting content

Well don’t get too excited. It’s not a lot, but there will at least be some pictures that I took in the booth today. Not great but better than nothing. I made it to the point where the thumb stitches are on  holder. Riveting, right?

hedgerow mitts

 We had no more rain over the weekend to speak of, so that’s good. One more show under the belt and trailer is all reloaded for next weekend at the fall Fiber Festival of Virginia. As a matter of fact we got all packed up in record time for us; 45 minutes. If you have seen our booth, you will know that is pretty amazing. It’s got a lot of stuff and it usually takes at least an hour and a half, though we have been known to break it down in an hour and fifteen minutes on occasion. The packing usually takes only 30 minutes or so, 45 minutes at the most. We have a pretty good system down and we didn’t start out this efficient. The time consuming part is if it’s a long haul to the trailer or if the walk ways are congested by all the vendors trying to use a small walkway at the same time. Well, at this show we were fortunate to have a booth space right near a door where only a couple other vendors were also loading and we were able to back up the trailer right to our booth. We didn’t even need to use the hand cart. That’s why it was so fast. Just pack up a carton and walk right out and there was the trailer. Open-mouthed smile

I don’t know for sure what we will be doing this week, other than visiting Heather and Garrod. The girls said they would like to go to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. Meredith and I went in 2007 when we were in Baltimore for Stitches East. We’ll see if that works out for something to do. We will probably check out Skyline Drive or something too.