A little designing work

I am still keeping very busy working on getting the new website ready. We have hit a few snags with some modules we installed that have bad code or something. It’s rather frustrating waiting for the devs to get them fixed and hopefully it will be worth the wait. In the mean time I am putting some other finishing touches together.

I have the copy mostly squared away and the structure in place for information pages and product and categories. I am currently working on adding the new products and layout. Then we are starting to work on the rather large task of re-taking all new pictures.

For years I have been using rather primitive methods to get good product pictures with indirect ambient lighting and a neutral background. It is actually my front porch, LOL! While that does work okay, it is tricky and has many limitations. For one thing the weather obviously plays a limiting factor. For another the time of day effects the lighting so that you can only work for about 4-5 hours in the late morning to early afternoon. Taking pictures in the winter is even worse.

So, I decided we were long overdue for some better equipment. I bought a light box, a small tripod, and some photography lights. We can set these up in the dining room and work for as long as we need to in a climate controlled environment. Yay! I feel confident that this is going to make a worthwhile difference in both the quality of the pictures and the comfort and convenience of he photographers (meaning Meredith and myself).

The title of this post mentions designing and part of that is my website, but that is not the only design work going on. If you remember a couple posts back I mentioned a project I had in mind which I even did a swatch for. Remember this?

2012 12 24_2420.JPG

Well for get that one. It is history. LOL! I ran into a snag with it and abandoned it completely. But the good news is that I think what I replaced it with is even better.

2013 01 17_2941.JPG

This is the beginning of an infinity scarf/cowl.

2013 01 17_2940.JPG

I am much happier with this design and will see where it takes me. I am thinking I will do a hat to go with it.

2013 01 17_2938.JPG

Okay I need to get back to work for now. Bye for now!