Knitcircus Spring Yarn Review

I am most excited to have my Classic Merino Superwash Sport mentioned in the Knitcircus Spring 2012 Yarn Review!  I met Jaala at a fiber festival last year when she visited our booth. I was honored that she offered to review my yarn which she also says will be used in her forthcoming book, Knitting Recipes: Hats and Cowls. I can’t wait to see what goodies she “cooks up” in there.

2012 03 20_0711.JPG

Okay, that excitement out of the way, I did finish the Gust on Sunday night. I got it blocked yesterday afternoon and am very pleased with it. I made mine with one skein of Classic Merino Lace in one of our new colors, Earthshine, which should be available by mid-April. 2012 03 20_0717_edited-1.JPG

This design is so wearable and great fun to knit. It’s easily worn with both dressy and casual clothes. It’s a great project for a budding lace knitter but not at all uninteresting for a more experienced one. I don’t mind at all having a less challenging project to intersperse with the more complicated ones. When someone is looking for a first lace project this is the one I recommend first.

Speaking of spring; it’s looks like spring alright, but as far as temperature goes, we seem to have skipped it and gone straight to summer here in Tennessee.  We had the windows open for several days last week when the temps were in the 50’s and 70’s for overnight lows and daytime highs. Then there was an abrupt change on about Tuesday and it has been in the 80’s ever since. We turned on the AC and are expecting what is surely a record high of  87F today.

The maples are making little helicopters as well as dusting my truck with yellow pollen.

2012 03 20_0718_edited-1.JPG

I have forgotten what these pretty bushes are called that make these lovely blossoms.  We put them in many years ago and Jerry is more the horticulturist than myself.

2012 03 20_0720.JPG

We put in this mountain laurel about the same time and wow, it has probably quadrupled in size. Look who I saw perched there this morning.

2012 03 20_0721.JPG

Speaking of Jerry, I want to share a cute picture of him with his newly growing stash of man toys. He is very proud of them. Smile

2012 03 18_0730_edited-1.JPG