Inside View

Or really more outside than in. I was playing around with the camera today after most of my packing was done for the Kentucky Sheep & Fiber Festival, and a blog post or maybe more started formulating in my mind. Why not share a little about our workshops and how gorgeous Tennessee is, especially at this time of year.

Let’s start with some pictures of property. It’s about an acre just 6 miles north of downtown Nashville. It’s an older subdivision built on farmland in the late fifties. Most of the homes are still resided in by the original owners I believe. We bought it in 1998 and we were only the third owners.

05 19 11_home and shop_1109.JPG

05 19 11_home and shop_1107.JPG

Here’s a view down the drive, with a bonus shot of my pretty truck. Open-mouthed smile I washed it yesterday.

05 19 11_home and shop_1112.JPG

The children have been studying birds so we washed and setup a bird bath for observation. It’s already had a few visitors.

05 19 11_home and shop_1100.JPG

Next is a view of the backyard from the side yard looking towards the back of the property. That’s Mountain Laurel shrub on the right. I wish I had thought to get a shot of it last month when it was flowering. Maybe next year.

05 19 11_home and shop_1104.JPG

These are our peach trees. It’s mostly squirrel food, Sarcastic smile but they sure look pretty while they last. We have gotten a few of them, but you have to be on your toes to catch them ripe but not nibbled.

05 19 11_home and shop_1116.JPG

05 19 11_home and shop_1126.JPG

Moving on to the backyard, here’s a cool playhouse that Jerry built about 7 years ago which was designed by an architect friend of ours, Matt Smith, during a brief business venture with them. It was dubbed Oberon’s Tower for the King of the Fairies in A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

05 19 11_home and shop_1118.JPG

Here’s our storage shed where we keep un-dyed yarn, extra shipping boxes, work tables, and temporarily our oldest daughter’s worldly possessions while she is living with us for a spell. Smile

05 19 11_home and shop_1121.JPG

Here’s the view from near the storage shed looking back towards the house. That little white framed door with the windows, in the left side of the picture, goes under the house to our finish/glue area and dye studio space. More on that later.

05 19 11_home and shop_1124.JPG

Here’s the view from outside the dye and finish studio looking back towards the Tower through the peach trees.

05 19 11_home and shop_1139.JPG

I’ll leave you with my two youngest girls having a water battle. Open-mouthed smile Stay tuned for more of the workshops in the next post.

05 19 11_home and shop_1095.JPG