Tired, but it’s GOOD tired…

We had a much smoother and productive day today. I m making  quick post before getting the baby ready for bed so I can unwind after a busy day of making ready for our road trip early tomorrow morning to Minnesota. I am feeling much better at the close of this day than I was yesterday. Maybe it’s just that some days your perception just gets off and others you can take the setbacks in stride.

I started watching a movie last night on Netflix while getting a bit of knitting done. I believe it’s a fairly new release. It’s All Things Good with Ryan Gossling and Kirsten Dunst. I watched about 2/3 of it before I turned it off to do some reading before sleep. I am really looking forward to watching the ending tonight because it is pretty good. A little bit love story mixed with some psychological twists. I think I’ll try to get the collar on my Bel Air done while I watch.

Sorry to cut this sort of short but the baby needs a bath. I’ll try to get in a post from Chicago tomorrow night.

Here’s a shot of my “rig”. I just love my pretty red truck. Open-mouthed smile