A colorful 4th of July

07 04 11_1446

We were hard at work yesterday making pretty yarn! Here’s the end result, but would you like to see a little of the process?

07 04 11_1433.JPG

Yep, each skein of Hand painted yarn is individually painted by hand.



07 04 11_1441

In the pot in their little steam packets.

07 04 11_1448

They look much prettier hanging to dry, right?

07 04 11_1443

I loved how the sun was shining on them and showing off the vibrant colors.

07 04 11_1447

07 04 11_1449

We weren’t the only ones busy yesterday though. The wood shop was in production too.

07 04 11_1439

Some of the darning eggs that were the end result.

07 04 11_1451

A Nostepinne in the works.

07 03 11_1453

Here is a darning egg being turned. There’s a glimpse of my trailer that carries all our goodies to the festivals.

To recover from all that work I needed a relaxing evening, no? While Jerry took the crew downtown for the fireworks show, I stayed home and started a sock. Smile It’s going to be the Van Dyke Socks from Socks From the Toe Up by Wendy Johnson. 

07 05 11_1456.JPG