Baby Sweater, done..Plain Jaynes on the needles

Well the yarn held out and with some to spare. I finished my Classic Baby Cardigan, all except for getting some buttons, yesterday afternoon. I even got it washed and blocked.

2012 04 16_0952.JPG

So, I cast on for my Plain Jaynes in Lilac. I am planning on doing the lace panels, but haven’t decided for sure which one. There are two versions, one will involve some twisted stitches. While I like the look of that, I don’t enjoy doing them so I may go with the simpler version that is only yarn overs next to a decrease. We’ll see when I get there. 2012 04 16_0959.JPG

Today was shopping and library day, so I took the opportunity to listen to my latest audiobook while carrying out my errands. I am currently reading/listening to another Stephen King book from the mid 90’s that I somehow missed. It’s Rose Madder which is a little different in that the main character is a woman. She suffered 14 years of abuse at the hands of her husband and the story is about what becomes of her when she escapes him. I won’t tell more since I don’t want to give away too much and I also don’t know where it will go myself yet. I am 58% through the book according to my Nook. It is very good and I don’t know why I haven’t read it before now.

Tomorrow is packing day for Stitches South in Atlanta. I may not get a chance to post until Wednesday or Thursday, but I will probably do at least a post or two from there, so see you in a few days!