Summer dyeing has begun

I was able to get out to the dye studio yesterday. It was hot and humid, but hey, it’s July, that is to be expected after all. Here’s a few shots of what I got done. 2012 07 20_1417.JPG

These were all hand painted skeins and here they are in the wrappings in the pot after steaming. I left them in there overnight and took them out this morning to rinse, spin, and hang to dry.

2012 07 20_1423.JPG

2012 07 20_1422.JPG

2012 07 20_1421.JPG

2012 07 20_1420.JPG

2012 07 20_1419.JPG

I got a little progress done on the Sweet Tea mitts since last time. I just started the thumb gusset last night. I almost wish I had used 2.0mm needles for this. I guess the stitches will even out after a soak, but I feel like the 2.25mm are a little loose for this yarn in my knitting anyway. It’s the size Anne used so I just went with it.

2012 07 20_1416.JPG

I just love these wild violets that we get in our yard. I am glad I got this picture of them a couple days ago since after this the lawn was in need of mowing due to the rain and they are now sadly gone. Can you believe this is the first time we have had to mow since Memorial Day? Incredible. It’s certainly green out there now! :-)

2012 07 17_1427.JPG

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