Stitches is over for another year and new socks


Finished the socks finally and started a pair for the baby in the booth (Stitches Midwest) on Sunday with the leftover yarn since I needed easy knitting for that. Here’s how far I got on that by the time we were all packed up and in the hotel for the night. Again I meant to take pictures during loading but we were in a hurry to get it done, so..ah well. Maybe next time.


We had a really nice suite at the Holiday Inn Express in Schaumberg. I have a Priority Club membership and since I have Platinum status, oo la la, I sometimes get free upgrades. Open-mouthed smile It was nice too have extra room since we were there for a full week.


Here’s the finished pair and if you notice I started the third book in the Karen Vail series on my Nook Sunday morning too. I also finished my audiobook of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and listened to the The Girl who Played with Fire on the drive home yesterday. I am enjoying both of these series very much.


We had a great time at Stitches and I want to take a moment and say that we appreciate everyone who came out to support the show. Smile

We drove home yesterday and will have eight days home before we have to leave again for Wisconsin Sheep & Wool.  It’s a long haul but we usually do it all in one day.

I planned to write more but at the moment I have a whining toddler on my lap and need to do something about that, so….more later.

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