Sorrel pattern release

Well another 10 days have gone by in which I have neglected the Blog. :-(  I appreciate each and every one of you who are still reading this no matter how sporadic it may get at times. Mwah!

So since my last post we have been to another show which I didn’t even remember to get any pictures while we were there. We were in Wooster, Ohio for the Great Lakes Fiber Show. This is a show that dates back for us to our earliest year of doing festivals and we look forward to it every year. We took Emma (8 year old daughter) so she could see the horses. I meant for the girls to get some pictures but we all forgot.

I do however have a few pictures for you today. I am still making ridiculously slow progress on the smallest size of my Sorrel pattern sample, but fortunately my test knitters are much faster than I am. They have both come through with theirs and I am ready to call this thing ready for public consumption. Yay!

2013 05 28_3865.JPG

This is my pathetic progress in what? three weeks? four? Gah!

2013 05 28_3864.JPG

The Tiger Lily one is the large, as mentioned last time; and the Tea Rose one in front is the middle size as is the Thyme one in the center.

2013 05 28_3861.JPG

One skein of Classic Merino Bamboo is all that is needed to knit any of the three sizes. I have the pattern listed on both my website and Ravelry for $6.00.

The traveling may interfere with knitting time, but it does give my more reading time. Bonus! Right before Mother’s Day weekend I treated my self to a new Nook HD+ when they added Google Play and put them on sale. I have used it quite a lot. I still use my e-ink Nook sometimes but I have found the Nook HD+ easier on my eyes that I thought I would. One advantage it has is that I can listen to music or my audiobooks while reading which comes in handy for blocking out distractions. I can use my phone or iPod but it’s nice to have it all on one device too. My Nexus 7 can do this as well, but I am liking the beautiful large screen on the HD+. :-)

2013 05 28_3867.JPG

I bought this sleeve to keep it in which I prefer to a cover.

2013 05 28_3871.JPG

I have been reading through all the Dan Brown novels in the Robert Langdon series before I read the newest one, Inferno. They are fun and interesting light reading. I am currently about one-fourth of the way through the third book, The Lost Symbol. My favorite so far is probably not surprisingly The Da Vinci Code. I am probably one of the few people who didn’t read it when it came out.

I think I will start my summer reading off when I m done with these by working through the Complete Sherlock Holmes collection.

I also got this book right before I left for Ohio. I had pre-ordered it in late January when I first became available and it finally came! I am savoring it by just reading a chapter a day. :-)

2013 05 28_3866.JPG

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