Red and Orange Day

RedOrangeDay (11)

Here’s the final six colors all done! Whew!

RedOrangeDay (2)

I have been getting a very early start every day to help beat the heat this week. We have had heat indexes in the 100’s with highs in the mid 90’s. It helps a lot to gat as much done in the morning as I can. I have been out setting up for the day’s work by 7:45 or 8:00 am. Here’s my mixing and measuring work space.

RedOrangeDay (3)

I have been setting up my pots in the shade under the trees just outside my work space area. Much better than where I usually set up on the concrete which is in the direct sun by midday. Here is the front are the buckets of yarn that are soaking while they await their turn in the pots. Those pots are 100 liter or quart (I forget which). I can fit a maximum of 80 liters of water and dye and still allow room for yarn of fleeces. The tables are for receiving the yarn from the pots and we rinse them there. We then take them to the work space again where we have an old washing machine for spinning out the excess water.

RedOrangeDay (5)

Here are the first two batches I put in this morning. They are both pinks, Azalea on top and Tea Rose below.

RedOrangeDay (4)

Here are some more close up shots of pinks and some oranges too. I decided to bite the bullet and go ahead and finish all of it today so all we have to do tomorrow is sort all of today’s dyeing by yarn bases in preparation of the next step which is labeling.

RedOrangeDay (12)

More pinks.

RedOrangeDay (1)

Oranges here at the right and the reds down on the other end.

RedOrangeDay (7)

Here is a close up of the reds which really came out nice. Unfortunately the camera is not capturing the depth of the reds well at all. The dark one is a deep Garnet and the brighter one is a true Ruby red.

RedOrangeDay (10)

RedOrangeDay (8)

This a dark red orange I call Tiger Lily on the next door neighbor’s lines since we ran out of room on ours. They gave me carte blanche to use them any time. :-)

RedOrangeDay (6)

RedOrangeDay (13)

Notice the children up in the right corner? They were just loading all the previous day’s yarn in the shed and we are headed in for a well earned reward of popsicles and lime sherbet. I am obsessed with lime lately for some reason.

RedOrangeDay (9)

I may skip the weekend blogging but I will be back on Monday. Who knows though I may have something to say tomorrow. I have got to get the house cleaned tomorrow so we’ll see. See ya later!

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