Quick Knitting and Travel Update


Good Morning! I apologize for the long spell of silence. It has been so crazy busy with all the traveling lately that when I have a breather I don’t feel like writing. I am in Raleigh, NC this weekend, headed home on Sunday. I am here for the Carolina Fiber Fest which is back at the NC Fairgrounds this year rather than the Sanford location where it has been for the past several years. I will be going over to the festival in a couple hours but I wanted to give you a brief update on the nine days since my last post.

That’s my knitting progress for the time period and frankly it’s amazing I have that much to show you. I have five inches of the body done and I think I will stop at six inches and begin the sleeves. I am making the smallest size. I haven’t decided between a seed stitch cuff and the lace for an edge, just one repeat. What do you think? I will be doing a seed stitch edge for the collar, and there are seed stitch edgings for the button bands.


Here’s a few pictures from the Madison Knitter’s Guild Knit – In last weekend. The Yarn Boxes went over nicely; we sold quite a few of the new Walnut ones!

MadisonKnit-in-2016 (2)

The Bocce Shawl on display.

MadisonKnit-in-2016 (13)

Yarn, yarn, and more yarn!

MadisonKnit-in-2016 (7)

MadisonKnit-in-2016 (10)

MadisonKnit-in-2016 (9)

So yeah that is pretty much what my days have been like. Hauling, driving, setting up and breaking down the booth, meeting knitters all day; rinse, lather, repeat. In between I have had a day or two at home only to wash and repack clothes and buy the family some groceries. After his show I have one more in this cycle of travel and then home for a few weeks. Happy Easter if I don’t post before then. Today we remember the cross and the sacrifice but on the first day of the week we celebrate the glory of His resurrection!

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