Quarantine Life

How are you all doing today? We are getting through alright here. We are excited to report that we found actual toilet paper for sale in Kroger on Thursday! We were allowed to purchase two packages. My faith in civilization was restored just a little bit. LOL!

Making bread today

So, lots going on here at home to share with you this week. First of all we were notified that Jerry’s truck damage from the tornado was deemed a total loss. We thought it was going to be repaired all this time but the repair shop discovered after they began working on it that nearly everything was worse than they could determine at first. Mostly it was due to glass, probably not the glass from his truck but flying in the atmosphere. There was a huge debris ball and I suspect that was the culprit. Fortunately his truck was worth more than the payoff so we were able to get a replacement. He decided to go with something a bit different. He likes it a lot. It has a pretty awesome sound system!

2019 Nissan Frontier Pro-4x

I have made some progress on my Honeydew Lace Square fingering weight edition. I have five more rounds of the inner border and then it’s on to the edging.

We are trying to make the best use of our time during this quarantine/safer-at-home time. Jerry has been out in the shop a lot in the last week. He did a lot of tidying, re-arranging and de-cluttering. After that he got back to work on a big batch of Yarn Boxes that were all ready for sanding. We have some available on the website now if you were planning to pick up one at a festival this spring.

sanding, sanding, and more sanding

I have not been idle either. I have been cooking and baking more lately as is evidenced by the bread baking above. I have also been out at the dye pots a couple of times this week. New Era Fiber Mill has been keeping my busy (gainful employment which is appreciated more than ever about now). Here’s a batch I did the other day using my new work space, which I love, BTW. Did I mention my husband is amazing? Because he is. <3

Okay, stay well, and safe everyone! Make good use of your time and search for the silver lining! There is always something to be thankful for.

6 thoughts on “Quarantine Life

  1. Thanks for the update. New trucks always make the men happy. Just read that Dee O’Keefe has two new patterns coming in April. We need a reason to buy yarn. Stay safe.

    1. Yes, we do! Thanks for the comment.

  2. Wow! I am sure that my husband would be very jealous of your work shed! We only have a small property with no garage and a small garden shed that is literally only big enough for the garden tools. Husband’s woodworking tools are kept in my craft room haha and he can only work outside when the weather is good.

    1. It’s funny because he rearranges a lot due to it being a bit cramped with all the floor tools. But yes, we are very grateful to have a modest home with a separate garage and an acre. The garage is what became his work shop. I know about working outside too. That’s why we fixed up my work area to have an awning. It took 15 years to get around to that though.

      1. So there is hope for us yet :) I wonder what husband will say if I suggest waiting 15 years :P

  3. We are blessed, too, to have lots of projects to keep us busy. My husband is doing some remodeling and repair work (so nice to be married to someone so talented!), and I’m keeping busy catching up with writing, also organizing “stuff” that I’ve been procrastinating on. The latter isn’t that fun, but it sure feels good to finally have it done.
    Extra time in unhurried prayer, Bible reading, and worship are the best. ❤

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