I know its been several weeks since my last post and I am sorry about that but we have had a lot going on here.


You may recall the yarn boxes we made a few of and took to SAFF last month? Well we sold most of them and have been working on some more.


We have a batch of boxes made in Maple that are finished and I am in the process of getting them added to the website today.


We did add one new improvement from the proto type. We put a tiny magnet at the back of the lid and box to hold the lid in place a bit.


I will let you know when they are on the website but if you simply must have one in the mean time feel free to email me and I can set you up. Smile 


I have also been getting a fair bit of knitting done in between cooking, shopping and business work. I am on chart 5 of 7 on the Iolanthe Shawl.


It is an interesting knit because of the variety of stitches used and you move through the charts pretty quickly. I am enjoying it. Oh and I didn’t get around to casting on for the other shawl yet because I have also been diverted by some Christmas knitting.



I am not in the habit of doing a lot of Christmas knitting but I did have a request for one thing and what knitter can resist that I ask you?


Well that request reminded me of some other things I meant to make and I knocked out a few more hats and a cowl that I don’t have a picture of. Maybe I can get the recipient to model it on Christmas. I hesitated to post even these pictures for fear it will be obvious who these are for. Oh and because someone will ask, here’s the link for the Star Wars hat on Ravelry. You are welcome. Smile


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